Amdocs Clarify CRM Customization

Cooperate with customer on new design and functionality of service parameter implementation and subscription/access fee specification. Implementation of functionalities into ClarifyCRM. Implementation of automatic case creation configuration.

Customer: T-Mobile Slovakia

Electronic Tolling System

Consulting services in the IT Architecture area on the project of Electronic Tolling System delivery for the Národná dia3niená spoloenos? (Slovak National Highway Company)

Zákazník: SkyToll

ETELIGENCE was part of IT Architecture team and partake in design of:
  • Application Architecture

  • Interfaces with external systems

  • Infrastructure Architecture

  • Server platforms

  • Data Centers and Network Topology taking into account Security and High Availability

  • Backup, Monitoring and Management

Joint Retail Network of T-Mobile and T-COM in Slovakia

Integration of an existing T-Mobile logistic supplier with internal systems of T-COM (SAP R/3, FlexG3), used on T-COM own and brand shops. Implemented EAI solution via middleware platform Vitria BusinessWare enabled to improve processes and decrease time from the market request to the availability of goods in the shop.

Customer: T-COM Slovakia

Following activities were performed:
  • Analysis/Design

  • Implementation/Customization

  • Acceptance testing

  • CutOver

B2B TIBCO Integration - CEVA Logistics Netherlands

A business to business (B2B) integration of CEVA internal systems with systems of customers (Nokia, TP Group Poland, T-Mobile NL, Pirelli) by means of the integration platform TIBCO.

Customer: CEVA Logistics Netherlands

Integrated systems:
  • JD Edwards Enterprise One (ERP)

  • RedPrairie (Warehouse Management System)

  • UNAS (Warehouse Management System)

STELLA - Electronic Tolling solution

Consultancy and Bid preparation for Electronic Tolling solution in Slovakia. The Eteligence was a member od Solution team, responsible for the technical part of Bid (Business processes, Application architecture, Technical Architecture, Systems Operation).

Customer: Consortium T-COM, T-Systems, Siemens and AMRO